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Atomized car battery


Battery type: 26650 cylindrical battery pack

Battery size: 56*70*165mm

Rated voltage: 21.6V

Rated capacity: 10Ah

Work rate: 216Wh

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Atomization car battery parameter data
Battery Type26650 cylindrical battery pack
Battery size56*70*165mm
Rated voltage21.6V
Rated Capacity10Ah
Cycle lifeAfter 500 times of continuous charging and discharging, the battery capacity is not less than 80%.
Discharge cut-off voltage18V
Charging cut-off voltage25.2±0.1V
Standard discharge current1C
Standard charging current1C
Maximum continuous discharge current3C
Maximum charging current1C
Operating temperatureCharge 0~50℃, discharge -20~60℃
Storage temperatureTemperature -20~60℃, humidity 60±25%
CertificationPassed ISO9001 quality system certification, UL, UN, CE, RoHS, REACH and other certifications.

Product Features:
1. Customized size: model and capacity are available
2. Quality assurance: UL1642 testing standards are adopted, and the products have passed 100% material testing and equipment testing.
3. Stable performance: Long cycle life: After 500 times of continuous charging and discharging, the battery capacity is not less than 80% of the rated capacity.
4. High safety: The built-in circuit protection board has the characteristics of no fire or explosion under short circuit, overcharge, over discharge, impact, vibration, acupuncture, high temperature and other conditions. Our 18650 batteries all have explosion-proof valves, and the polymer battery cells all use colloidal electricity, which will only bulge at most and will not explode. In addition, our company has a strict quality inspection process to ensure product safety and quality.