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What are dry batteries and lithium batteries, and why don’t mobile phone batteries use dry batteries?

Time: 2021-04-15 16:08:00 Views: 209 Author: Hi-Chipcom

What is a dry battery, what is a lithium battery, and why do mobile phones use lithium batteries instead of dry batteries?

1. Dry battery

Dry batteries have also become voltaic batteries. Voltaic batteries are composed of multiple groups of circular plates that appear in pairs and stacked in a certain order. There are two different metal plates on the circular plate, and there is a layer of cloth between the levels to conduct electricity. Function, the dry battery is made according to this principle. There is a paste-like substance inside the dry battery, some of which are gelatin. Therefore, its electrolyte is paste-like, and this kind of battery disposable battery cannot be recharged after it is discharged. The electromotive force of the zinc-manganese dry battery is 1.5V, and at least multiple dry batteries are required to charge the mobile phone.

We often see AA and AA batteries. AA and AA batteries are used relatively less. This type of battery is mainly used in wireless mice, alarm clocks, electric toys, computers, and radios. Nanfu Battery couldn't be more familiar, it is a famous battery company in Fujian.

2. Lithium battery

The internal solution of the lithium battery is a non-aqueous electrolyte solution, and the negative electrode material is made of lithium metal or lithium alloy. Therefore, the difference between the battery and the dry battery is that the internal reaction material of the battery is different, and the charging characteristics are different, and the lithium battery can be recharged. Lithium batteries generally have two types: lithium metal batteries and lithium ion batteries. Such batteries are widely used in mobile phones, electric vehicles, small household appliances, mobile phones, notebooks, electric shavers, etc., and are more widely used than dry batteries.

Comparison characteristics of lithium battery and dry battery:

1. Dry batteries are disposable batteries, and lithium batteries are rechargeable batteries, which can be recharged multiple times and have no memory. It does not need to be charged according to the amount of power, and can be used as needed;

2. Dry batteries are very polluted. In the past, many batteries contained mercury, lead and other heavy metals, which caused serious environmental pollution. Because they were disposable batteries, they were discarded soon after they were used up, but lithium batteries did not contain harmful metals;

3. Lithium batteries also have a fast charging function, and the cycle life is also very high, which is beyond the reach of dry batteries, and many lithium batteries now have protection circuits inside.