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Less than two years of mobile phone battery life Diabetes, super fast charging does not hurt the battery in the end

Time: 2021-04-15 10:01:18 Views: 158 Author: Hi-Chipcom

Mobile phone charging is something we all need to do every day. With the rise of mobile phone fast charging technology, the habit of plugging in one night before going to bed has completely changed with the rise of mobile phone fast charging technology. Nowadays, most mobile phones support fast charging, and the power is getting bigger and bigger. Mobile phone manufacturers are happy to claim how many minutes to fully charge the battery, but never mention whether there is accelerated damage to the battery.

■ Diabetes insipidus in less than two years

The reason for discussing this issue with you is because the author has just used a mobile phone for less than two years, and suddenly there has been a cliff-like decline in battery life. Considering that I don’t play games at ordinary times and only use it lightly, and I have good habits for many years. Therefore, it is suspected that it is caused by super fast charging, and the mobile phones that also support fast charging purchased for the family at the same time also have similar problems. Super fast charging does not hurt the phone battery in the end

Fast charging does not hurt the battery in the end, I believe this problem has been plagued many users. In fact, this question is not complicated, and the answer must be yes. Because charging and discharging will cause irreversible damage to the battery, and Apple and Samsung have always been conservative in fast charging. Fast charging is bound to be a double-edged sword, but the extent of the damage is difficult to determine at present.

■Understand super fast charging principle

If you want to know how much impact fast charging has on the battery life of mobile phones, let's take a look at the principle of fast charging technology. At present, there are many solutions for fast charging technology, such as Apple’s PD protocol, Qualcomm’s Quick Charge protocol and so on. There are corresponding standards from the charger output standard to the control IC and even the power cord. Through “tailor-made”, the mobile phone battery can be used. Maximum efficiency.

Most of the fast charge protocols are essentially high current or high voltage

However, most fast charging technologies are nothing more than "high current or high voltage" to achieve super fast charging. This is fundamental, so it is inevitable that high temperature, high pressure, etc. can easily damage the battery behavior. . Various agreements are more to communicate the charging components and limit the voltage and current, and adjust according to the temperature, so as to protect the battery.

■Damage Three factors of battery

The three fatal factors leading to accelerated battery damage are nothing more than high temperature and high pressure, unstable current, and overcharge and overload. As long as the original charger is guaranteed for the problem of current instability, there is no need to worry too much. The same is true for overcharge and overload. The fast charge protocol will perform super fast charge in the first 80%, and trickle charge will be performed when it is almost full to avoid overcharge.

High temperature is the key to damage the battery life of mobile phones

Perhaps many people have experienced that the temperature of mobile phones rises significantly during fast charging. Therefore, the answer to the question is now clearer. In fact, no matter whether fast charging or slow charging, there is a reasonable damage to the battery life. However, if the high voltage or high current used for fast charging causes high temperature problems, it will undoubtedly become the key to accelerating battery damage to battery life.

■Fast charge to extend life skills

Knowing the source of the problem is the key to solving the problem. So if your phone supports super fast charging, what should you do to better protect the phone battery? Although it is not expensive to replace the battery now, the IP68 high-level waterproofing is useless as soon as the device is disassembled. In fact, the solution is very simple, which is to avoid the problem of battery overheating caused by super fast charging.

Try to avoid large games that make fast charging hot

For example, we avoid using super fast charging during high temperature exposure such as summer car navigation. For example, we try to avoid playing large games at the same time during super fast charging. These games have high performance requirements and cause the chip to heat up and increase the burden on the battery. In addition, general techniques such as avoiding running out and recharging are also suitable for fast charging. Of course it's better not to charge quickly, but it's a bit overkill.

■ Development of fast charging is also due

Fast charging technology is a major innovation to enhance the battery life experience of mobile phones. This is undeniable. It absolutely changes our usage habits and brings unprecedented convenience. But this does not mean that fast charging has no drawbacks. In fact, as long as we can understand the principles and avoid bad operating habits, we can get a longer life like ordinary charging.

Although fast charging is good, there must be a degree of development. Nowadays, some super fast charging chargers with hundreds of watts are much larger in size and weight than mobile phones, so it is clear that the cart before the horse loses the meaning of portability.